The Basilica is a work of art that is constantly being restored. Artists from Canada and Europe greatly contributed to the site being declared a historic monument of Québec’s heritage in 2001.

Here are some of the most renowned artists who have worked to build or restore the Basilica:

  • Maxime Roisin (French) and Louis N. Audet, architects
  • Frank Moroder (Italian), wood sculptor (pews and steles)
  • Walter Del Mistro, mosaicist (floors and vaults of the Immaculate Conception Chapel)
  • M. Gaudin (French), mosaicist (the Basilica’s vaults)
  • Auguste Labouret (French), mosaicist and master glass artist (the Basilica’s vaults and stained-glass windows)
  • Émile Brunet (Canadian), sculptor
  • Maurice Lord (Canadian), sculptor
  • Albert Gilles (French), metalsmith (ciborium and doors)
  • Frédéric Doyon (Canadian), painter (north transept of the Immaculate Conception Chapel
  • Marius Dubois (Canadian) and Pierre Lussier, painters (arcades of the Immaculate Conception Chapel)