1658: First chapel
During the construction of the chapel, a healing occurred. Louis Guimont was miraculously healed from his excruciating back pain. This is the first of many testimonials of healings and favors obtained.

1661-1676: Second church
Built out of stone and wood, the second church was erected more to the east, where the old cemetery is now located.

1676 -1876: Third church
This stone church was used for worship for over two centuries. It was demolished in 1878. The commemorative chapel was constructed on the foundations of its transept.

1876 -1922: First Basilica
In 1876, Saint Anne is proclaimed the patron saint of Québec. A fourth church was opened for worship. On March 29, 1922, a fire tragically destroyed the Basilica.

1923 to today:
After the fire, construction began for the present-day Basilica. The architecture was inspired by splendid Roman-style cathedrals. Cardinal Maurice Roy consecrated the Basilica on July 4, 1976.