Way of the Cross

On the hill is the Way of the Cross. Fourteen stations evoke different moments of the Passion of Jesus in the calm and freshness of the undergrowth of majestic maples. Each scene includes about five people in cast bronze, cast in the workshops of Vaucouleurs, France. The construction of the Way of the Cross spanned over a long period, from 1913 to 1945.

Scala Santa, the Sanctified Staircase

Built in 1891, the “Scala Santa” is the first monument of its kind in the Americas. It represents the staircase Jesus ascended to Pilate’s praetorium. In each of the staircase’s risers, a souvenir from different shrines from the Holy Land was inserted.

Memorial Chapel

The memorial chapel is a reminder of the third church, which welcomed pilgrims from 1676 to 1876. The chapel itself was built in 1878 on the foundations of the transept of Saint Anne’s third church. Material, ornaments and the bell of 1788, all recovered from the old church, were used in the building of the chapel. Until 1930, parishioners were buried in the adjacent cemetery. In front of the chapel, there is a miraculous fountain that was built in the 1880s; it is fed by a source originating from the hillside.