The Basilica was built in Romanesque Revival style and in the shape of a cross. It stands 100 meters high, from the floor up to the top of the bell towers. It is approximately 60 meters wide at the transept crossing and 50 meters at the façade. The building spans about 100 meters in length.

The tympanic, the bas-relief of the façade, shows Saint Anne in all her glory. At her feet and on either side is a long frieze that shows important moments in the history of our devotion, which represents the entire history of Québec’s society. Just above the tympanic, the Angel of the Pilgrim watches over the thousands of faithful followers who come to visit Saint Anne each year. Above, the 12 Apostles surround the large rose window.

Finally, several statues decorate the façade, including Mary, Joachim, John the Baptist, Bishop François de Laval and Mary of the Incarnation—all masterpieces of the Québec sculptor, Émile Brunet.

The main doors of the Basilica, created by the artist Albert Gilles, are hand-made of copper and present the many scenes of the life of Jesus.

At the pinnacle, between the two bell towers, you can find the statue of Saint Anne, which was saved from the destructive fire of the first Basilica in 1922.