A hotbed of culture and creativity, Montréal is an irresistible mix of European chic, cutting-edge culture and cool urban vibe.

Duality lies at the heart of the city, which shines through in its French-English history, old and modern architecture, and traditional and avant-garde styles.

Montréal is where high-tech meets haute cuisine, where sleek skyscrapers and tiny boutiques nestle together and where major international festivals are born and thrive. Of course, it’s the people—more than 3.7 million citizens representing 120 cultural groups—that infuse Montréal with its legendary joie de vivre, passion and warmth. From its bustling downtown to the cobbled streets of Old Montréal to its many vibrant neighbourhoods, Montréal invites you to discover its endless charms !

Religious diversity is yet another of Montréal’s many assets. From this diversity comes a great cultural richness where religions and cultures meet, co-exist and flourish. Religion, the very reason for which the city was founded in the first place, has expanded to include many faiths through migration waves of worship other than Catholicism over the years.

Montréal is unequalled on the continent when it comes to its rich religious architectural, musical and artistic heritage. To delve into this patrimonial heritage, a visit to the Notre-Dame Basilica, the Saint-Joseph Oratory and the cemeteries of Mount Royal are in order; events such as choral and organ concerts, exhibitions of mangers and multi-media presentations contribute significantly to the experience.