The importance of the 350th anniversary of Notre-Dame de Québec lies in the fact that the parish, which has deep roots in Europe, is the forebear of all other Catholic parishes that spread across Canada and the United States.

It is also due to the role that Notre-Dame de Québec has played in the development of Québec, Canada, and North America, being at one time the world’s largest diocese. Notre-Dame de Québec has therefore become one of the pillars that has kept French alive in North America, and has been an active witness to all the cultural changes that have shaped our society during the development of our nation.

Notre-Dame de Québec, commonly known as the “Rome” of the New World, enjoys a special affection from the Vatican. It has received many gifts from popes, including Pius XI and John XXIII. John Paul II began his pastoral visit to Canada with a time of prayer inside the Basilica in 1984 to experience a sense of faith with the people of the community. This exceptional site constitutes a valuable spiritual and religious heritage for not only Québec, but all of North America.

In collaboration with the religious communities, including the Ursulines and Augustines, Notre-Dame de Québec, leader of the Catholic Faith project, has protected and guided the development of various aspects of our society—faith, history, family, heritage, and culture—and has passed down key legacies to us for future generations.